Sunday, February 24, 2013

All's Quiet...

So, I started this blog, and stopped posting on it almost immediately, lol! Things have been hectic around here of late, and unfortunately, I just haven't felt the need or desire to post much of anything.  Hopefully, that is changing, lol!

I've decided that I don't really want to post endlessly about myself, my past, or my family.  Not that I don't love talking about all of those things, most importantly my family, but because I really want this blog to be more meaningful than that.  Besides, let's be honest, most anyone who would actually want to know most of those things are probably already facebook friends with me, being amazed with my non-stop posts know, the ones about the nine trophies I earned on the PlayStation Network today, LMAO!

And so, let me start:

I'm sitting here with my wife watching the Oscars, and I must say, I absolutely love Seth McFarlane.  I have never seen anything he's been involved with that I didn't like.  Okay, well...maybe he could have skipped the new episodes of Beavis and Butthead, but I didn't HATE them.  I'm curious as to who will be offended first, as my wife said, lol.  I'm enjoying watching for the first time in a long time.  In general, I have to say, I've been slightly less than enthusiastic about the Oscars.  I have listened to all of the Oscar talk before, and been mortified by the favorites they had.  Two words, and my wife will agree, I'm sure:  The Wrestler.  Sure, the acting was good, but the ending of the say it was a bad ending would be entirely too kind.  And starting off the awards by not giving one to De Niro or Jones to someone I've never heard of, lol...not off to a good start!!!  Let's hope things get better!!!  Anyway, off to watch, and possibly eat some popcorn.

Good night, all, and God Bless!


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